Business Directory Listing (click the link to go to the registration form)
Twelve month business directory listing - £25+VAT
Annual reporting for your listing - £15+VAT (lists the number of links made to your website)

Listing includes company name, nature of business, location and a link to your company website. To be expanded shortly to include address and telephone No.

Banner Advertising

The minimum period of display is three months.

· A 3 month banner advert appearing on a page of our selection - £30+VAT
· A 3 month banner advert appearing within a specified section - £50+VAT
· A 3 month banner advert appearing at the front of a specified section - £90+VAT

Front Page
The front or home page of Elmbridge-online is the most seen page of all and advertising space is strictly limited. If you are interested in taking this position contact Andrew Chilton, contact details are listed on the bottom of this page.

Production Costs
You can supply us with a banner in our standard sizes of 400w x 50h or 125w x 90h pixels (10 - 12k) or our design team will work with you to create your own banner for use on the site. The production costs for banners are as follows:

Standard banners (No movement) £25+VAT

Animated banners (from) £50+VAT

Standard banner production is free when booking a series of banner adverts over a period of twelve months.